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    How do i receive TV on my PC in Italy?


      We have setup Slingbox Solo at home in England, and it works fine on my son's Laptop in England, but i can't get it to work on my Laptop in Italy. I must be doing something wrong, but i can't work out what that is! I've tried the online instructions, but still can't get it right. Is there anybody out there that can talk me through it via this forum in idiot-proof language please.

      Should i be entering the original password that my son used to set it up in England? I'm at my wits-end with it.

      You will have guessed i'm a bit of a techno-wally so any help would be appreciated.


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          Hi cortonahome,


          I can see that you can't connect from your computer, however, I would recommend you to provide more information about the issue that you are having.


          For example, information about error messages if you're getting any, if it's asking to enter any information, etc.


          That way, you will be able to get a proper response from any of the forum users.