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    Help required with Setting up Hi Def a connection to TV and Slingbox




      I've had a slingbox_pro_hd for some years now and have had no issues with it. It just does exactly what I need it to do. However I have recently upgraded my TV from a regular CRT to a Hi Def TV (a Panasonic TX-L22D28BW). The CRT TV and slingbox was configured using SCART configuration.


      My Hi def source comes form a Virgin V+ box and I can get the Virgin V+ box connected to the Hi Def TV via a HDMI cable (no problems) the issue I have is that I can't seam to link in the slingbox_pro_hd into this setup.


      The Virgin V+ box has two Hi def options. 1 via the HDMI cable and the other via a Hi Def Component set of cables. I don't have any external speakers or sound system so when I connect the Virgin V+ box directly (i.e by-pass slingbox altogether) to the TV using Hi Def Component I don't get any sound on the TV, so I believe that I am limited to the first connectivity option i.e HDMI cable.


      The help I need is:

      What connections do I need to make between which devises to get the Virgin V+ Hi Def source to work with my TV and the Slingbox_pro_hd, so I can get back to enjoying my slingbox.


      Thanks in advance