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    Slow connection


      I just started have trouble with slow connections to my Slingbox PRO-HD.  It's been running good for a couple years.  I have been getting connections around 1500 - 2000 kbs after upgrading to new motorola cable modem (Comcast).  Now it has dropped to 300-600 kbs. I also have a second location setup with Slingbox PRO. It has the same problem. Was geeting connection in 1800 kbs and now 200-400 kps. This location also has new Motorola cable mode with Charter. I have had someone do a power rest on cable modem and Slingbox at both locations.


      I watch with SlingCatcher in London and Windows PC.  I have Sky broadband and get 14 M download spped. I have also done power rest to my network and sligcatcher here as well.


      Does anyone have any idea what could be causing problem?


      Thanks, Mark

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          Hi majohnss!


          Since you are experiencing issues with the streaming rate of the Slingbox, we strongly recommend you to check your network layout (from the Slingbox location) and try to enable the Internet Viewing manually, as well.


          Feel free to visit the links below to get additional troubleshooting steps:


          Remote Viewing Picture Quality: Some common reasons for poor picture quality


          Streaming in SlingPlayer slows and doesn't recover


          Best regards.

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              Hi Cristina, Thanks for taking time and responding to my post. I am still having problems. I have gone thought the trouble shooting links you provided the best that I can from remote location.  The second links say to send configuation information to Sling to help them figure out problem, but gives no options to email information to them that I can find.


              I have had Charter out to replace my Cable modem twice, Have upgraded internet service to higher level speed.  There is no one at the locations of my SB's, so nothing should be slowing down the networks. The only activity would be from SB and Directv DVR at one location and SB and TiVo at the other. There has been no improvement.  It's very strange to go from 1800-2200 kbs at two different locations to 100-800 kbs.  I have been looking at other responses on fourm from people having the same issue and they down graded the firmware and that seems to have helped. I will provide somemore detail on my configuration.


              Location 1 (Florida) Usual connection speed after recent power reset 200-800 kbps was 1800 kbps.

              SlingBox PRO-HD (latest firmware) connected to D-link Switch wih Cat5 cable.

              D-link Switch has SlingBox and TiVo Premere XL connected to it.

              D-link Switch connects to Motorola SGB6580 SURFboard Gateway (DOCSIS 3.0) calbe modem with Cat5 cable.

              Cable company is Comcast with 8 Mbps down and 2 Mbps upload (this is the fastest availble in my area).


              Location 2 (Connecticut) Usual connection after recent power reset 100-360 kbps was 1800-2200 kbps.

              SlingBox PRO (latest firmware) connected to D-link Switch with Cat5 cable.

              D-link Switch has SlingBox and Directv DVR connected to it.

              D-link Switch connects to Linksys RVS4000 router with Cat5 cable.

              Linksys router connects to UBEE U10C035  (DOCSIS 3.0) cable modem with Cat5 cable.

              Cable Company is Charter with 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps upload speed.


              Location 3 -Viewing location (London)

              SlingCatcher (latest firmware) connected to Netgear switch with Cat5 cable.

              Netgear switch has SlingCatcher and BluRay player connected to it.

              Netgear switch connects to SKY Broadband wireless router (Netgear) with Cat5 cable.

              Internet provider is SKY - Speedtest show 14 Mbps download speed.

              I also watch from computer and IPad with same results.


              Looks like a lot of people are having this same problem. What should I do next. I was thinking of upgrading my SlingBox Pro to Pro HD, but I think I will hold off for now.