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    Canadian postal codes


      Does anyone know how to input a Canadian postal code into slingbox - I purchased it in Canada but it won't accept a Canadian postal code

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          Hi hfirestone1.


          I've noticed that you are having issues setting up the Slingbox since it is not accepting any Canadian postal codes. We encourage you to configure the Slingbox using the Web-Based SlingPlayer and check that the selected country is Canada, therefore you can input the zip code and complete the configuration.


          Use this link for the installation:


          Web-Based SlingPlayer



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              This is not working for me.


              I'm in the web based setup, and I'm fairly sure I'm set for Canada.  In the top right, I see "Hi, my account | CA"


              When I try entering my postal code, I can only enter 5 characters (i'm not using a space between the 3 digits).  I get an error that zip codes must be 5 digits.  It's so strange as I'm being told to enter "ZIP/Postal Code".


              Very frustrating....

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              I'm having the same problem here.  Orginally I setup the SBHD for direct cable connection and it allowed me to enter my postal code and downloaded the appropirate guide.  However, I've since connected a Digital cable box and when I went through the setup procedure again for the different input it will only accept 5 digit zipcodes.  I've used the online provisioning tool for both and my location is set to CA.

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                Ya having the same problem, really wish someone would post a fix to this.

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                  I am still having the same problem!  Any answers for program guides for Canadidan postal codes?????