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    No audio out and not network signal


      I have had my SlingBox ProHD for 2 years.  I was out of town and before I left my Slingbox was working fine and the audio on my TV was working fine at home.  I even used Slingplayer mobile on my iPad while I was out of town.  When I returned I was no longer able to use Slingplayer mobile, or watch on the internet, the network light on the Slingbox is not lit, and there was no audio out of my TV.  I bypassed the Slingbox and hooked the cable box audio directly to the TV and had audio again..  I have tried resetting the slingbox but it won't reset.  The power light remains lit, the network light remains off, and the slingbox symbol light remains solidly lit.  I have confirmed a proper network connection because the Pandora on the blue ray player is working and I even swapped ethernet cables to no avail  Any ideas???