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    Using SB Pro ,just bot SB Solo can I install 2 of them in the same house?


      I have my SB Pro hooked up to one of my set top boxes (STB)upstairs. I also access it with my iphone4 mobile app.  I just bought Slingbox Solo,, and was planning on hooking it up to another STB downstairs, with which I could use with an iPad Mobile app. So,, can I do a setup like that? Do I have to setup a new SB account for the Solo, that separates itself from my Pro box?  My STB downstairs does not have a hard disc in it,, so I guess I could only watch TV remotely and not record (unless I could figure out how to record it to my iMac)which is right there.). But I digress,, really,, for now, just wanted to know if I could have to Slingboxes in one house,, and what obstacles I would have. Thanks  PS,, I would actually only be using one Slingbox, at a time.