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    Is my IP (Uverse) resetting port forwarding settings?


      I'm thinking my IP (Uverse) is in the habit of resetting my port forwarding settings, making it necessary to reset it for the Slingbox. This is a problem that I've had to deal with once already and yesterday my slingbox told me "Connections to your Slingbox from the Internet have been disabled" again. I'm thinking ATT will continue to do this as they probably don't cotton to people using their signal in other locations. I'm hoping the good folks at sling media will make the instructions of how to set up port forwarding, part of their instruction manual or available for free on their website. I went through the procedure with their customer support person in some place like Bagledesh the last time, and happily I'm still in my 90 day warrenty period and will do it again. This time I'll write the procedure down along with Router model number, IP numbers and any passwords necessary. It's a hassle!!

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          I  just used the procedure to reset my ports provided by Slingbox. They have a lot of good info here....you just have to find it. Here's the url for the procedure I used: http://support.slingbox.com/get/network-assistant.html.  I suggest you copy the following info for your unit on your quick start guide:


          Slingbox IP Address:What's This?
          Slingbox Port:What's This?
          Gateway IP Address:What's This?
          Router Brand:What's This?
          Router Model:


          You can use it whenever you need to reconfigure port forwarding.