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    Slingplayer iPad vs Slingplayer on PC/Mac




      Watching TV from my Slingbox Solo locally. How come the picture (and sound) quality is way better on my PC and MacBook Pro than on the iPad? Is that expected performance or am I doing something wrong?

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          Hi, slabbbe


          Since you are experiencing some issues with the iPad's picture and audio signals while running the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPad, we recommend you to check the following links.


          Network speed requirements for SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad


          Troubleshooting SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad video issues

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              Thanks for the answer. I have checked the Network speed and the iPad issues video. I think my iPad2 WIFI video is as good as it gets with the current SlingPlayer app... BUT... if I run SlingPlayer from a computer it is still much better... AND... if I connect to that computer with an iPad Desktop Sharing app for example SplashTop I also get better video quality... and much better audio quality.


              I suppose it is possible for me to use Splashtop instead of the Slingplayer iPad app but wouldn't it be nice if the SlingPlayer app could deliver the best?


              My Specs are iPad2 and a good 5GHz WIFI

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              I found that the native Mac and PC player apps are a far FAR Superior experience to the iPad app or the Web plugin player.   It's very irritating that the SlingBox experience seams to be degrading with time instead of getting better. 


              Ever since I got the iPad app and upgraded my SOLO's firmware, both the iPad app and web player plugin stall out and drop connection constantly, as well as look terrible. (The web player always looked bad) The native Mac player however still looks the best and doesn't stall or drop nearly as often. 


              Just last night I was trying to watch something and and had to put the iPad away and use my MacBook Pro instead.


              Sling need to return to developing the Native Mac and PC apps.

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                I'm having similar issues. The picture quality on my ipad is much worse than on my netbookwhen watching at home. The network speed is fine, I can see three dots and in standard mode the picture is ok. But when I switch to HD mode it's really bad. What could be the reason for this? It's not the wifi network speed. In SD mode it shows me 2200kbps.

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                  Noticed the same. When (geographically) close to my Slingbox, iPad (still have iPad one) was working fine. However, halfway around the world I basically can not get a good connection, even though a PC or Mac is playing fine on the same network (using wifi).


                  I suspect that it is a combination between hardware specs and the player software. I assume an iPad has less space for buffering the stream and therefore is not able to build up a working connection, especially over long distances. I am watching from China to a signal in Europe.


                  With PC / Mac I am able to get speeds of between 100 - 700 kbps (depending on the day). Even when at 700 kbps, the signal is not totally stable and iPad is not able to get a working connection.