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    USB Port Power No Longer Working


      I just got a Slingbox HD-Pro and was setting it up .  My Slingbox won't be near my router so I was going to us and Ethernet bridge.  It receives my home wireless network and converts it to an Ethernet cable.  It is powered via a USB plug.  I plugged the device into the Slingbox USB port and it powered up fine.  My network found the slingbox and all was good.  I then went to configure my Slingbox and it started out by saying the box needed a software update.   I started the update and it completed and then said it was going to restart the Slingbox which it did.  When it didn't come back up I went to check on it and the Ethernet Bridge no longer had power.  I unplugged the Slingbox and plugged it back in.   The Ethernet bridge had power for about 5 seconds and then the power light went out.  I have tried other USB devices (like a USB stick) in the port and same thing, the device is powered for about 5 seconds and then the power indicator light goes out.   Question is, was part of the software update to disable the USB port on the slingbox, or did my Ethernet bridge blow something up in the slingbox.  The rest of the Slingbox works fine and the Ethernet bridge still works in any other USB port I plug it in to.