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    SB200-100 in the UK

      I have a Slingbox Pro (SB200-100) that I bought in  the US two years ago. I recently moved back to the UK and I'd like to connect it  to my SKY Box (Thomson DSI8210CS).
      After doing a factory reset and going into the  Setup Assistant and telling the box that I'm in the UK it tells me that the box  was not originally designed to be used in the UK. After I select continue the  only option is to choose 'other' but then it asked for a custom code. I've  looked on the two web sites for custom remote files but the DSI8210CS isn't  there.
      Any help gratefully received.
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          Hi bob4379,


          I can see from your post, that you can get the Slingbox Pro to control your Set Top Box now that you are in UK.


          First of all, please note that the Slingbox is designed to be used in the US, however, I would recommend to check the UK website, to check the Slingbox models that you can get from them.


          Besides that, you can check the following thread by Alan Richey about the custom remote controls.


          Remote control thread.