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    Sling With Sky HD & Apple TV or Media Server


      Hi!  I'm a newbie, looking to find a 1-stop shop for my media sharing needs.


      I currently have our Sky HD box shared using the low quality, mono sound RF output around the house.  I'd like to get proper quality sound & video into our main bedroom (the other rooms can live with RF), but in doing so, I'd also like to get a media server setup.  And here's the problem.


      Sharing media isn't too hard, I could use a Western Digital TV Live Hub for that, but as soon as I want to share Sky with any quality, the options run out.  or Sky sharing on it's own, I could either use an HDMI over Cat5 solution, or I can go for a Slingbox and get the benefits of internet TV sharing too..... and this got me thinking.... If I'm looking at a Slingbox, then why don't I get an HD-Pro version and hook in a media server or some kind?  And then it gets sketchy....


      I can't seem to find out for sure exactly what a Slingbox can connect to & how the integration works.  The Sky HD part is straightforwards, but how does the Sling connect to other devices and what exactly can / can't it connect to?


      I'm thinking of an HD-Pro and connecting it to either an Apple TV sharing my iTunes library, or some kind of media server like the WD Live Hub.  How does the Sling cope with an ATV?  Are there any common issues?  Do you get full integration?  Or would some kind of stand alone media centre be a better proposition?


      Either media device would be sat under our main TV in the living room, with the Sky box & router, so the Sling would need to connect and pass thru' to the main TV, while then passing the signal to a Catcher upstairs.


      As I'm very new to this, I'd like to hear people's thoughts on the approach and what problems I'm likely to encounter with Sky / ATV or Sky / Media Centre.


      Finally, am I right in thinking that the Sling can't connect to / control a DLNA device?


      Thanks or your time.