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    Component Audio has never worked


      I've read several discussions and threads but haven't this question asked.


      I think that my Component Audio has never worked (for remote viewing).  Has anyone else observed this?


      On the back of my Slingbox there are two sets of in/out cables for Component (5 Jacks in 5 out) and Composite (3 Jacks in and 3 out).  See the diagram at http://www.slingbox.com/go/slingbox-prohd-connections which shows the SD Audio/Video and HD Audio/Video sections.


      I've done a fair bit if testing and found the following:

      (1) If I connect 5 RCA Component jacks (Red, Green, Blue for Video and Red and White for Audio).  The audio works on my local TV but doesn't work when trying to watch video remotely.  It fails to play audio in both the Sling Player AND the Internet Browser player.


      (2) If I move the audio (in and out) from the Component (5 Jacks) to the Composite (3 Jacks), then my local TV continues to work and I hear audio.


          (2a) On my remote viewer (via the SlingPlayer and the Internet Browser Player), IFF I switch my input to "Composite", then I hear the audio but obvioulsy don't see any video (because I didn't hook up the video, yet).


          (2b) On my remote viewer, if I switch to Component, then I can see HD video but not hear any audio, this is my initial configuration and problem.   But in this case the audio cables are not connected so it's not possible for the audio to work.


      (3) I then plugged in the Video (into the Composite) and viola, I get Standard Definiition audio and video.  This is great but I'd like to get the HD video and audio working.


      (Q) Why doesn't the Component Audio (HD Audio) work?


      I tried the suggestions on the SlingBox page http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-5000245.html, and looked at the diagrams at http://support.slingbox.com/go/pro-hookup, and http://support.slingbox.com/get/KB-2000012.html.


      (4) If I hook up another device (in my case it was an LG Blue Ray DVD player), I could reproduce the same results.  So, I'm now thinking that my Component Audio may have never worked.


      (5) I previously had a FIOS DVR and this had the same problems.  I just moved to a TIVO DVR (on FIOS) and it also has the same problems.  So this is 3 devices that all work the same way.


      I'd like to get the HD viewing working so when I have fast network access I can watch movies in HD, but so far I'm stuck.


      (Q) Is it possible to create a "custom" input that takes the audio from the composite and the video from the component so I can both see video and hear the audio?  I doubt it but I figured I'd ask.


      (Q) Has anyone sent a SlingBox in for repair.  I think I'm still within a year of owning it.




        • Re: Component Audio has never worked

          Hi PatrickSteranka,


          It's necessary to determine if the issue is with the Slingbox itself or with the connections. Let's try this; Reset the Slingbox to factory settings, then just connect the Slingbox to the cable box and confirm that you are not using a HDMI cable to connect a TV to the same Set-Top-box. You only need to connect these inputs,




          For testing purposes, do not connect any other cable to the cable box or the output of the Slingbox, just the component (green-blue-red) and the RCA (white & red). After the reset, run the Setup at slingbox.com and confirm you have selected component and not composite. Do you get sound during the setup? If not take a look at this,


          Slingbox audio issues: Basic troubleshooting


          Let us know how it works