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    Cannot connect to Slingbox Pro HD

    TheYank Newbie

      I just upgraded my slingbox located in my brothers House in the US.  I had no problems connecting to the older slingbox.  Now when I try and connect I get Error   0x923400df.


      I THINK I forwarded the port properly using 5001 but as I have never done this before I'm not really sure it worked. I have a netgear Hub I received from Virgin Media when they upgraded my Broadband to 50 MB.


      anyone have any suggestions as to what my problem could be?




      PS I can connect to the box viewing through the web and I installed the latest software.

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          same here!! denmark--:(

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              Same here ... I can watch my Slingbox HD online and on Slingplayer mobile - but not Slingcatcher. I used setup assistant to configure the slingbox manually and according to the slingbox online trouble shooting pages. Port forwarding is done exactly as described. Setup assistant tells me the Slingbox IP ends on 254, However my online info page tells me IP ends on 134. I tried configuring the Slingbox using both IP - non of them works. Set up assistant tells me there was a problem setting up internet viewing. Router on Slingbox network is a D-link DIR-635.

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                  alano Newbie

                  Check my reply to TheYank for a few things to test.


                  When you say you have two IP addresses, do you mean that your "Public" IP address has two different values?


                  Private and Public IP address (shown on the screenshot I attached in my reply to TheYank") should be different - because you don't want the whole world to have access to the devices on your network (it's your router's job to act as a firewall between the two IP address ranges).

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                alano Newbie

                Visit website support.slingbox.com and login and connect to your slingbox. You should see something like the attached screenshot.


                It's important that no error messages are displayed on left side of screen, and Internet Viewing Setup Complete says "Yes".  If either are not correct then you have failed to set up your router or complete the Internet Viewing Wizard successfully.


                When running the wizard, don't forget to do the "Test Connection" (or whatever the exact words are) step after setting up your router - as this is the step that actually sets up the Internet Viewing!


                Another way to test that the wizard completed successfully is to use SlingPlayer on your remote PC/laptop. Wait until the picture is dispaying then hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys together then hit the letter "I" key.  A diagnostic screen will appear.  Check Stream Type says "TCP".  If Stream type is SNATT then the wizard did not complete correctly.


                Hope that helps.