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    Problem with slinger player Mobile for iPad




      I have an slingbox Pro, i have no problem with Mobile App for iPhone its working both ón iPhone and iPad, but now i have invester in the right player for my iPad, but it Will not connect to my slingbox. It says that i have to Update my slingbox, but i have the latest version!!!! Whatelet to dó?

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          i having same problem i have slingbox pro also. with HD connectors. it works fine on computer and iphone. But when i try to connect to ipad 2 it says upgrade? You can email me if u find out anything and i will in return. thanks This ***** i feel like i got ****** off $29.99 also the support in slingbox *****. its like u have to go to forums for help. cant email them.


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            I'm with you. I just bought the app 18 pounds. Only to find it does not work with my £200 Slingbox pro. The notification on the app store does not clearly show the incompatibility unless you press the 'More' button. I have had a few sling boxes. I am registered on their site with my product I have the iPhone version of the product and so there seems to be no reason why the iPad version could not be made to work., like you there is no way to complain or demand money back. Sling Media, via this post I am asking you to get in contact as to how myself and these other loyal customers, all who have bought your products in good faith can retrieve their relatively low cost application charge, against leaving customers totally disheartened at your customer setvice. Please react to this and other requests, they are all over the iTunes store now and your forum. Please don't ignore this post my next line of reply is on the iTunes app store and through Apple, failing that other forums and posts and it will be the last penny I will ever commit to any of your products. Please do the right thing here....Please please don't lose customers who clearly wouldn't have brought the product if they had realised the issue.

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                Hi, mikkel10 and all


                You will be requested to update the Slingbox if you are running the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPad and you do not have the Slingbox SOLO or the Slingbox PRO HD, since these are the only models capable to stream the iPad's higher resolution.


                This information is available and clearly stated in our website, through the following link.


                General information about the iPad


                Finally, the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPad is available only at the App Store. Therefore, the refund for the charge will be available according to the App Store policies.

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                    Ranaleon, thanks for your time in responding to this post and to those other customers that have reported the same issue as I have, I would like to respond to two points, Firstly you have stated in your response, that the 'information is available and clearly stated on your website'. Where as this may be the case, it is certainly not the case on the ITunes store description for the application, it is in fact the case that you have to select the 'More' drop down to discover the issue.  I think it is fairly clear looking at the app store rating that there is an issue, it is also fairly indefensible to think that as a longterm Slingmedia customer, I would have gone through the expense of purchasing the application for £17, if I knew that it would not work on my iPad, I mean why would I have done that if it was clear and I knew?


                    As to your point to go to the app store for a refund, I have already approached them and been quoted a diatribe of licence information effectively culminating in a 'tough' response, much like your own.


                    In conclusion it seems fairly clear the stance that both yourselves and Apple are taking on the issue, and it is somewhat disheartening to me after a number of years of purchasing your products as a happy customer that I should end up so disolutioned with your services with no wish to procure further products from your company.

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                        Hi, Durbs


                        I understand how you feel. However, the following link will allow you to verify that it is clearly indicated which Slingbox models are supported when running the iPad application.




                        Regarding the App Store, the following link will allow you to verify that it is also clearly stated.


                        SlingPlayer Mobile software for iPad


                        Finally, I cannot provide you with any information or details about the App Store refund policies, since we do not handle that specific information.

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                            So that review is from the US store NOT the UK store. In the UK store it has a 'More.......' link that at the bottom says (next to an '*') 'A Slingbox Solo or SlingBox PRO-HD is required'


                            I understand your position, but you're telling me it is clear and I amongst other (see attached reviews) bought the app wrongly. so it stands to reason it can't be that clear.


                            The crazy part is that my iphone version works fine on the ipad apart from the size, surely the thing to do would be to build the app with an option to not stream HD (which is never going to look that quality anyway given the upload requirements that hardly anyone will have) and at least leave your customers with something that works, than what is happening today.



                            I have attached some reviews from the Mac store to highlight my point.


                            If you look at the reviews for versions, you're going backwards, 20 out of 31 ratings are 1 star. these are 100% sling customers buying the app. it's not great customer care really is it?

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                          I just found this thread and am very disheartened. I bought the SlingMedia iPad app last night and when I try and use it to connect, it tells me my slingbox is not compatible and that I must upgrade. I have a Slingbox Pro (with HD), and  based on the information on slingbox.com and itunes it was extremely unclear to me that this device would not be compatible with the application.


                          Now it seems I am stuck having purchased a $30 app provided by SlingMedia that does nothing. If the only solution to this problem offered from SlingMedia is for me to pay them $250 to fix the problem (upgrade my device), then that is deceptive at best and fraudulent in the worst case.