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    Can't view my slingbox from slingbox.com


      HI ,

          I have my slingbox for years now and over the years I have changed my router a good few times and have always been able to re-configure the router for my slingbox.


      Well today i got another new router, Belkin play. I have everything configured in it, i can view my slingbox from the Sling player and i can even view it through my iphone using 3G, but I cant seem to view it from slingbox.com.


      Even on my home network i can view it from slingbox.com,  I have everything set up correctly. When i try Setup from slingbox.com, it will see my sling box in the sling directory but you try to connect it complains about the network and that a fire wall etc might be blocking it, but i hace disconnected all firewall on the PC and on the router but still no joy, has any one ohter there any idea what the story or what can i do to sort this out, as this is the main way i view my slingbox.

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          thnink i found the probelm well i know i have as it is now working. I had Internet Download manager install on PC and it always tries to grab video feeds etc and give u the oprtion to download them automatically via a small popup box. well i unintalled internet download manager and now it works