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    Slingbox - Can't configure at all


      I just tried setting up my Slingbox Classic at home. I performed a hard reset on the box by holding the reset button for 5 seconds. Both the network and power light came on. I used the internet setup wizard, and it succussfully found the slingbox and informed me that it is fully up to date. I continued with the process until it asked what my video source was, I selected 'Cable without a cable box' and continued. The next screen sat there attempting to scan for channels for about 60 seconds, then gave me an error reporting that the slingbox does not have access to the internet.


      I followed the port forwarding tutorial, and forwarded port 5001 to my internal slingbox ip address (which is set statically in the router configuration). Reset all boxes, and tried to configure again, only this time by using the SlingPlayer software. I got through the tutorial until the same spot as I got last time, selected my video source and waited. The session then returned an error stating "Slingplayer has disconnected as another Slingplay has been detected" (or something to that matter).


      I have tried EVERYTHING to get this device configured. I have reset multiple times, and still only get as far as I mentioned above and ALWAYS get one of the two error messages.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Hi bubbachubs,


          What I understand from your post, is that you can't configure the Slingbox.


          In this case, first of all I would recommend to make sure about the Ethernet connections, make sure that you have a hardwired connection between the Slingbox and the router, also between the computer and the router as well.


          Besides that, discard any restriction preventing the Slingbox to connect, even try to run the Setup from a different computer or use the Web Based SlingPlayer.


          Web Based SlingPlayer.