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    Ipad2 or Iphone4 to display video out onto TV


      With airplay (future feature?) not an option at this time, what is best to use for picture quality on the video out?


      Have iPhone4 with sling mobile and a new Ipad2, want to watch Stanley cup playoffs on video out to TV.


      From researching it looks like the video output I will get using iPhone4 or iPad2 with my existing cable composite apple adapter, seems like 480i on iphone and 480p on ipad2?


      Issue is what to purchase, sling mobile for ipad or apple DV adapter (hdmi), or both?


      If I purchase the apple hdmi adapter only, what output will I get using the the iphone4 and hdmi adapter?  seems to show 720p from reading?


      or with ipad2 and hdmi using sling player for iphone?


      Or do I need to purchase both the HDMI apapter and Sling player for IPad, and then watch on ipad2 which seems to show I will get 1080p? 


      Confused what to purchase, Airplay would fix this issue and only need to purchase the sling mobile for ipad but that does not appear to be an option in the near future.