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    Errors W201 and W202


      I've had my Slingbox Solo for a little over a year but it has pretty much stopped working completely in the last three or four months. I turn it on and it will work for about 5 minutes at only about 150-300 kbps (it used to usually go 1500 - 2000 kbps). It will then stop working and say "Your Slingbox has been disconnected because of a poor internet connection. Try connecting again. Do you want to retry? [Code: W202]" although sometimes it says "[Code: W201]" with the same above text. It has been doing this since January. I have tried resetting everything and I'm having the same results. Any suggestions?

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          Hi, pineda


          The following links will provide you with information about the error codes and steps to follow in order to fix this issue.


          Understanding Watch on Slingbox.com error codes


          Improving your Internet Viewing picture quality

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              dcxbk Newbie

              I alway get W201 error and I checked yesterday at home network if problem exist too.

              I noticed when the connection drop, the middle LED off a while, TV sound was gone and come back in 2 seconds, then the network LED on the Solo was gone then back on,  brinked for couple seconds  and become solid again.

              Then I re-connected and it worked again for a while.

              At home network, it could work for like 10 to 15 minutes before disconnected.

              At outside home network, from 10 seconds to 2 minuts and would drop the connection.


              Hardware problems in the Solo, 2 capacitors in the PCB damaged

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                  I also am having problems and constantly get W202 error with SlingBox player through Safari browser or will simply get disconnected if I attempt to use the original SlingPlayer app for Mac.  After restarting the connection to the Slingbox SOLO, my connection/stream only lasts up to a minute before it disconnects again.


                  I have followed posted procedures for resetting the Slingbox to factory defaults and reconfiguring, powering off/powering on my router (Apple Airport Extreme) and disconnecting/powering off all other hardware other than my Macbook that connects through this router and I still have this issue.


                  Like other users, my setup was working fine for well over a year until recently.  I did apply some software update through the SlingPlayer for Safari browser recently and I wonder if that has somehow messed things up...  Seems like a lot of people are reporting network connection problems with their Slingbox SOLOs in recent weeks.