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    Why has my TV picture quality changed since hooking up PRO-HD?


      I have recently hooked up my Slingbox PRO-HD.  I didn't test it out right away as I was waiting for my Slinglink Turbo to arrive so I could access the network.  While waiting for this device the TV that the Slingbox was hooked up to was fine.  However, since I have received the Turbo connector to access the network, my TV screen has become pixelated (some channels worse than others) and even has become blue/red/green in color.  I have been able to fix this by turning off my tv and then turning it on again.  I am beginning to wonder why this is happening?  I haven't been successful at getting Watch on Slingbox.com to work completely correct either nor SlingPlayer Mobile on my iPad.  I need help making sure my connections are correct with my TiVo as I have only been able to watch live shows (can't change channels on my iPad though) not recorded shows as I was REALLY hoping.  HELP!