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    Using Att Uverse with Slingplayer


      I had enjoyed watching via my Slingbox Solo for over a year, and THEN


      I have downloaded and installed Slingplayer 2.


      Now when I try to watch, my Directory shows that my Slingbox is there, but it will not connect to the internet.


      Anyone have any advice.

      I wonder if I need to configure the ATT Uverse router etc.


      Does anyone have/had the same experience?

      If yes, would someone be kind to explain what to do.  Ie., what is the server, ID, etc. to input.


      In advance, thanks,



        • Re: Using Att Uverse with Slingplayer

          Hi, mraphael


          Since you are not able to get the connection to the Internet, you must make some adjustments on the router settings. This way, the Slingbox will be able to reach the Internet.


          We recommend you to check the following links (third-party link included) in order to get the step-by-step instructions to fix this issue.


          Slingbox SOLO Internet Viewing


          Port Forward


          You only need to look up for the make and model of your router and select the settings for the Slingbox.