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    Using SlingBox HD with jabbakam



      I’ve got my CCTV running on a channel slingbox is tuned in to and can see it using the web interface but I want to feed this in to my jabbakam account as a kind of IP camera. http://www.jabbakam.com should work with my IP address and the port, although they do suggest using a lower port number than 5001:

      Manual set up of port forwarding
      If your equipment does not support UPnP, you’ll need to set up the port-forwarding rule manually. First, find your camera’s default port number, or assign a port number between 60 and 1234. The port number is defined within your camera settings. For more information please refer to the manufacturer’s manual. http://www.jabbakam.com/support/articles/camera-monitoring-setup/

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          Hi, tomcoady


          Since you need some assistance in order to set up your Slingbox for Internet Viewing, we recommend you to check the next third-party link that will allow you to get the step-by-step instructions.


          Port Forward


          You only need to look up for the specific make and model for your home router. Then, make sure to select the port number you will use for the camera when creating the rule on the router settings.