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    Slingbox admin password and downloading


      I had to delete the slinbox solo software from my laptop now trying to download new software.  When I try to set up it cannot find my slingbox yet it is in front of me connected and working on another laptop fine.  When I look at the directory and click on the slingbox it lists it says it needs my administrator password.  I only have my account password which it will not accept!!  I have downloaded the old software a few times to other pc's/laptops I own with no problem but now its been changed i cannot get it to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Hi, mrawlings64


          It seems that you are having some issues trying to reinstall the SlingPlayer software, since you are not able to locate the Slingbox on your network.

          If you are able to get the connection to your Slingbox using another computer, the issue is not about the Slingbox but your computer. Otherwise, you would have the same behavior on both of your computers.


          I would also recommend you to check the security program running on your computer, since it might prevent you from getting the connection.


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