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    how can I activate a digital cable search?




      I wanted to setup the ANT connection on my Slingbox HD PRO using the SinglePlayer for Windows I installed.


      So I go to the setup assistent and choose configure video sources.


      and choose ANT IN do next and choose cable services (without cable box)


      The drop down menu "The connection is" is greyed out and on "analog cable"


      And then the search procedure finds and tunes in the analog cannels. But I want to search and tune in the digital ones.


      my cable provider sends both analog and digital channels and most digital are in clear and can be tuned using QAM and Frequency and I can do this with any SetTop Box of choice as the channels are not encrypted. I personally use a Topfield.


      OK now to the question. How do I activate the drop down menu to be able to tune in the digital channels instead of the analog ones?




      P.S. I live in Switzerland