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    Need Help


      Sorry if this is the wrong forum for my question but this is the first page that i found that i can start a dicussion. Please give me a link to the right place if this is not it..


      I am thinking of using a Slingbox to allow me to view programs from my Tivo boxes on my iPhone.

      I cannot find any info to describe what Slingbox product I should consider.

      Also...I would like to know how the viewing from my Tivo's at home is accomplished......can i watch recorded content on my iPhone if someone at home is watching recorded content? If someone is on Tivo #1......can I stream from Tivo#2?.......Can i tell Tivo#2 to copy something from Tivo#1 and then stream it to me?


      Thank you

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          Hi, wharfrat


          It seems that you need some information about how the Slingbox will help you to control the TiVo boxes at home, when running the SlingPlayer Mobile application on your iPhone. 


          First, you should get either the Slingbox PRO or the Slingbox PRO HD, since they will allow you to connect more than one TV source.


          The following links will allow you to get all the information you must know about the Slingbox PRO and the Slingbox PRO HD features.


          General information about Slingbox PRO


          General information about Slingbox PRO HD


          The SlingPlayer Mobile application for iPhone will allow you to access and control all of the features of your DVR as long as it is included on the supported devices list. Check these links in order to get all the information about the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPhone and supported devices list.


          SlingPlayer Mobile application for iPhone


          Finding your video source


          Finally, if your TiVo box is a dual tuner box, you will be able to "split" the TV signal without affecting home viewers. Otherwise, you and the home viewers will be sharing the same TV source.