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    How to delete Slingbox directory entries?


      I have 2 Slingboxes which are currently connected to my router and working using unique port forwardings. The problem I have is that during prior troubleshooting of the Slingboxes I had set up different Slingbox names and now I can not figure out a way to delete the erroneous Directory entries on my mobile player (iPhoone and iPad)? I've refreshed the directory on the devices. Even the pc based Slingbox set-up shows the erroneous Slingboxes (although they show as not connected), but no way to delete them. When I sign on to my Slingbox.com account only the 2 active Slingboxes show up correctly. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the mobile player apps on the iPhone, but still the erroneous directory listing of the 2 erroneous Slingboxes are there. Very annoying!