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    Slinglink 1 port vs 4 port


      I planing to buy slingbox pro hd sb300 and my router is far from my cable setbox.  I wanted to know if I can buy only 2 slinglink 1 port instead of buying 1 slinglink 4 port and 1 slinglink 1 port?  Also, is there something else I can use instead of slinglink that are cheaper?  What is the difference between slinglink port 1 and port 4?  I am only using it to watch cable on my laptop or cell phone.

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          Hi imation,


          I can see that you would like to know if you can buy the 1 port SlingLinks instead the 4 port SlingLinks and the different between them.


          You can check the following link which will show you that you have the option to purchase the 1 port SlingLinks. Also, the difference between them is the amount of ports, which will allow you to connect more than one device to it.


          1 port SlingLinks.