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    data use - control download quality?


      Hi, thinking about getting a slingbox, but I am a bit in doubt if I won't break my data limit (40gb per month). Since the box will be set up in a fibre optic setup with plenty of upload I should technically be able to do HD content. However, given my download limit, I will put the box on a coaxical input to ease install, save money and ensure I won't break the data limit. That's why I'm thinking the slingbox pro may be a good one.


      Due to the download limit, I would like to be able to setup the quality of what I am viewing. Then I can watch important programmes in a higher resolution and as soon as I am nearing the limit, setup the output on my computer to use less bandwidth.  Is this possible?


      Also how much download speed would you say is needed to watch football in a reasonable way and how much gb data would that cost per hour?