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    Component, Composite, and S-Video Question..


      Hi, I just got my Sling Solo.  I've hooked it up to my Dish receiver, got everything working fine!  :-)   Droid X app!!  I love it!!!!!


      My question is...


      During setup, I was led to think that I could have different video sources hooked up to the different input methods (component, composite, and s-video).  I hooked up my Dish to the S-Video input (and the L/R audios).  I do however have a video security system in my house.  Could I run a A/V (video) cable from the output of my security DVR to the 'composite' input?  Will I be able to switch between S-Video and Composite while away (android)?


      The Android app seems to be asking me this also .... 'select' input?????


      I love watching my dish on my Droid X, but I would probably go NUTS if I could actually view my composite security feed if desired!!!!!


      Thanks for any help!!!