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    Problem Receiving all Channels PLEASE HELP!


      Hi all, I bought my SlingBox Pro back in 2008 and before I ask my question I just want to explain how I hooked it up.  So the problem at the home I hooked it up at is that there is no internet port in close proxmity to the cable box and I didn't want to have a cable running all the way across my room. I have TimeWarner Cable and I only cared to view the basic cable channels through my SlingBox, not the movie channels and the DVR.  So because I get internet and cable from TimeWarner, the cable modem is connected directly to the cable box through a wire that goes in the wall of my house.  So what I did was split the coaxial cable coming into the modem and send one off to the SlingBox.  I then simply plugged the ethernet cable into the wireless router to get the internet connection.  So this worked perfectly as I was able to get all the channels I wanted but just recently I noticed that when I tried to watch one of my channels it said "weak or no video signal detected"  I read on the forums that to try to solve this problem you could configure the A/V setup again - well, I did this and now I only get 13 channels!  I really have no idea how to correct this problem and if anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated - the problem is I am not in the location that the SlingBox is setup at.  Also I am not sure how important it is that I explained to you all how I hooked up the SlingBox but I thought I would put it in this question because it was a little unconventional.