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    My Slingbox just died...


      Have successfully used my Slingbox on my home network since October 2010... accessed remotely on mobile, at home on a laptop, pretty much everywhere.  Haven't needed to use it for a while but it's remained plugged in to power and my home network.  Thought I'd try it today as I have a trip coming up and I couldn't log onto it from any of the home computers.  Checked out my account online and on the page, 'My Slingbox info' there is a warning saying Communication status: critical.  According to the online account my Slingbox hasn't been accessed since 11th January.  So, I did all the things one is supposed to do... unplug and reboot everything, starting with my home router and got nowhere.  The network light on the slingbox is very dim whereas the power light is bright and steady, yet the unit won't respond to any hard resets.  Irrespective of how many times I unplug the Slingbox from the power and try and do a hard reset, it's showing no signs of life other than the power light staying bright and steady.  Clearly this is a warranty issue... but how on earth does one contact technical support about warranty issues when all they talk about is paid incident support.  I'm assuming that I don't have to pay to tell them that their product has failed under warranty!


      Any ideas anyone?  Such a shame because it was a dream to set-up and use.

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          I have the exact problem now, also did not use the Slingbox for a while but it stayed plugged in and connected.


          Saw an article where the network ligh was off while the logo was lit and that was maybe due to a faulty power supply. Same or similar issue here?

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            My slingbox has done exactly the same- I thought it was just that I had updatd my computer and now had Windows 7 instaed of XP but I noticed the network light was much paler than the power light so did various experiments and even with no network cable attached the network light remain steady but faint- did you manage to resolve anything?

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              Did u try re-setting up remote viewing. This happened to me once, I had to manually setup my sling box for remote viewing again.  For some reason the settings had the wrong ip address. Go into ur slingbox settings info, find out what IP address is assigned to it. Then go into your router and make sure that IP address matches the one you have with port forwarding. Then re-setup remote viewing manually and make sure it is using the right IP.

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                Hi, dinlondon and all


                Since your Slingbox network light is dimmed, we recommend you to get a replacement for the power adapter. This might be the root cause for this behavior. The following link will allow you to get the replacement.


                Buy Now


                Once you get the power adapter, you will need to run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing on your Slingbox SOLO. Just make sure to check this link.


                Internet Viewing


                You can also check the following links. They will provide you with the available support options and the contact information as well.


                Sling Media Paid Support Offerings


                Contact Information

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                    I see that my original reply has been deleted.  So much for allowing honest customer feedback!


                    My slingbox is under a year old and according to the last log-in to the network developed a fault within 6 months.  Putting aside the Slingbox warranty, under EU and UK consumer protection laws, "it cannot have conformed to the contract specification when purchased and you have the right to an automatic repair or replacement."  In theory this means one shouldn't have to pre-pay for support either....




                    I've since taken the plunge and spoken to customer support who are sending a replacement power supply through.  The conversation started off with the customer support agent saying: "it may sound strange but you'll need to pay for support first and then get a refund".  Any how it was fairly painless and the customer support agent was very friendly.  A replacement power supply is in the post...