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    Solo vs. Pro HD, one more time ; )


      So, I am sure this question has been discussed in the past, but now that I am personally committed, I need some advice:


      I purchased a Pro HD with the intent to stream HD quality video outside of the home network.  I guess I wasnt paying enough attention, becasue I soon realized that the upstream speed is about 356 Kbps which is clearly not enough to support HD streaming.  Its basically my in-laws DSL and the highest speed I can get (just ordered) is 768kbps.  Thankfully, this is enough for SD streaming.


      Here is the question:  Is it worth keeping the Pro HD for any reason vs. returning it for a Solo (about $77 savings).  Is there any benefit in picture quality, functioanlity, technology gained by holding onto the PRO HD even though I am fairly confident I will never get the +3.0mbps upstream bandwidth?

      I really appreciate your input.

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          I'm having the same connundrum. Pro vs. Solo. I read somewhere that the main difference between the two is the ability to connect and thus stream more devices via the Pro vs. the Solo. However, reading the promo material for both the Pro and the Solo, the Pro appears to come with it's own tuner while the Solo makes no such boast. What exact additional functionality having the additional tuner provides, I'm not sure.  If anyone could explain it to me, it would be greatly appreciated.

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              Clearly, from this thread, you can see that no one reached out, so I didnt really have any advice to go on.  I ultimately kept the PRO HD, primarily because I was running short on time and didnt want to return the device.  I also kept the faith that I would be able to obtain the necesary bandwidth to stream the HD.  Ultimately, Comcast inflates their upstream speeds, and I am only about to obtain 2.5 mbps upstream.  Overall though, I am satisified with the device, its just not in HD.  Maybe one day I will be able to utilize the full capabilities of the HD, so it may be worth it, but I bet I could have obtain equal quality without the HD version.


              I do not use the additional inputs and tuner.  I believe you are correct that he PRO HD has an extra statndard tuner two watch standard cable on one tuner and other devices / cable via other inputs.