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    Strange Connection Problem


      I've got a SlingBox Solo and the Iphone application.

      I can watch my TV on my notebook but with my Iphone it keeps on saying either one of them is not connected.

      Up to here it seems like a normal Iphone application problem but no.

      My friend has the same models and versions. He gave me his password and I can watch his SlingBox with my Iphone wihout facing any problems.

      He can also watch mine.

      So it seems my SlingBox doesn't have a problem, and my Iphone doesn't have a problem but they do have a problem together.

      Anyone faced such a problem?

        • Re: Strange Connection Problem

          Hi, diegoist


          Since you are having some issues when connecting to your Slingbox using the SlingPlayer Mobile application for the iPhone, we recommend you to check and adjust the router settings one more time. Basically, you will need to use the manual setup.


          If you do not know how to, just check this link and follow the included instructions.


          Slingbox SOLO Manual Setup