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    GUIDE, MENU, INFO keys don't work on Mac, but work fine on Windows




      I  just installed the SlingPlayer plugin on FireFox 3.x on Mac.   SlingPlayer works and I can watch video fine but some of the remote  control's keys are not working.   These keys are: Guide, Menu, and  Info.  These keys appear on the virtual remote control but they are not  "clickable".


      Just  to make sure this is not a bug with FireFox, I installed the plugin on  Safari.  I changed the Safari settings to open the browser in 32 bit  mode.  I launched the SlingPlayer and I see the same issues.  So, this  issue is common on both browsers.


      I don't care so much about Info and Guide keys, but I really want a menu key to work.


      Any idea?


      If nothing else, is there a keyboard HOT key for the menu?  I tried Ctrl+M but it didn't work.