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    Can connect when away from home on PC, but not on my Mac... any ideas?


      With my wife at home, she updated our slingbox solo.  I can access it from overseas on Slingbox.com on a PC (explorer), but not on my Mac with Safari.  I was just watching it last week on my Mac, and all the sudden... kaput!  Any ideas for troubleshooting someone can add?  It seems to be configured to work online, but just won't make it to my laptop.





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          I have the same problem.  My PC computers repeatedly connect fine, but my MAC suddenly stopped streaming.  I have tried safari and firefox and I have tried viewing slingbox using downloaded software and via watch.slingbox.com and in all cases I have the same problem...It appears I'm connected to the slingbox but the status bar at the bottom always reads "starting streaming  0 Kbs" and after a minute or so the screen changes to an error message: "There was an error connecting to your slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry? [Code:W211]".  Coded W211, (problem with video stream, connection was stopped, connect again, if it keeps happening make sure slingbox is working correctly. may need to reset it.) doesnt make sense to me since the slingbox still works on the PC.  Im hoping somebody else has faced this problem and found the solution.  Im reluctant to purchase slingbox technical support since the cost of that is a healthy portion of a new slingbox, and especially since, it was working fine before and now something suddenly changed.  It seems like the problem was created on their side, and thus I should not have to pay for their problems???  Frustrated!  and living outside the US until fall so my slingbox is a much enjoyed device.  Thanks in advance for any help!