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    Time Warner cable boxes - simultaneous HDMI and component output


      A tech support guy at Time Warner Cable in San Diego told me they offer three HD cable converter DVR boxes.


      They are:

      Scientific Atlantic 8300HDC
      Samsung H3260
      Cisco 4642HD


      I currently have the 8300HDC and it will not put out HD signals from both the HDMI and component outputs simultaneously.


      I see online postings that claim the Samsung H3260 also will not put out simultaneous signals thru HDMI and component.


      Does anybody know if the Cisco 4642HD box will output HD signals simultaneously through the HDMI and component?


      I really want to set up my Slingbox Solo directly from the cable box using component, and use the HDMI output for the TV.  If none of these boxes will work, I am going to have to buy 1) an HDMI splitter, and 2) an HDMI to component converter.


      Will splitting the HDMI output degrade the image quality if I use a powered splitter like this one:  http://www.eforcity.com/tothhdmaspl1.html  and a powered component converter like this one: http://www.eforcity.com/tothhrcacvt1.html  ?