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    Slingbox IP address?

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      Does a Slingbox 350 have an IP address? If so, where can I find it?

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          To answer your question about the Slingbox 350 and whether it has an IP address, it does. The Slingbox 350 uses the same IP address as the one in your home network. I will post a link to an article that will explain a little further into detail about the Slingbox 350 IP address and where you may find this information. 




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              Good afternoon Janie,


              Thank you for answering my question so quickly. I have gone to the page you suggest, but unfortunately I cannot access the network details.


              I should explain that I use the Singbox, not for television, but to display the interior of a bird nest box in the garden, from an HD camera with video and audio outputs, connected by ethernet to a wireless router from which I use an Apple iMac. I find the signal from the camera is directed to the internet, from where it returns to the iMac to be accessed through Safari. This uses much of my precious ADSL bandwidth and monthly traffic allowance, so I would prefer on most occasions to watch the scene directly from the wireless router without it going to the internet. I also find that I have to connect through the same router. On rare occasions when I might want to send the live camera output to the internet to watch it when I am away from home, I cannot do this, which is surely a process in which the Slingbox should excel.


              I am using Slingplayer Desktop Version, Web App Version and Player Plugin Version In Settings, if I choose either Slingbox Info or Network Settings, I invariably get “We’re sorry. There was an error in fetching the details.” I attach a screen grab of the page I get on Safari when I choose Watch in Slingbox Settings. It doesn’t allow me to enter anything or make any choices. I have twice downloaded SlingplayerDesktop.dmg but I cannot open it.


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