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    I Need Another Website To Buy the SlingPlayer From


      I've run into a problem with the Viewsonic tablet I just bought. I can't buy any apps from the Android Marketplace because there is no way to make the marketplace recognize the device like it recognizes a phone. When I use the account I use for my phone and I try to d/l an app, the only device I can choose to d/l and install it to is my phone. I've tried to set up a new account but there is still no way to make the marketplace set up the tablet like it does with a phone. I've read discussions about this, and apparently, lots of tablet users have the same problem. I've been able to find most of the apps I need at other app market websites that don't care what you're downloading the app to but I can't find another place that sells the Android SlingPlayer. Does anyone know of another place that sells the app or does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks in advance.