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    No hdmi out, why?


      Have a Evo 4g, running Android 2.2 (froyo)....The hdmi output is disabled?...i live in a place were my hispeed internet is on and off...totaly sucks, well thats what I get for living in no mans land!


      If Im watching a game on my computer and lose my internet, would sure be nice to be able to streem the rest of my game from the 3g part and output to my TV, to seee the end !


      btw,,, would also like if streeming a game on phone the option to turn off picture and still have sound...then you can walk around with headphones and listen to a game with out totaly draining your phone battery(evos eat batteries!)...I do know that the old hava's players have this and the new Vulcano's do also...