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    HD Pass-through interference?


      The sling picture quality in browser is perfect, however, my TV image has faint horizontal purple bands moving vertically through my image. Any ideas how to fix this issue? Do i need sheilded component cables, the provided ones look a bit cheap. Anyone else have picture quality issues on their tv with the pass-through?


      I have a scientific atlanta ex8300HD slingbox pro-hd and a samsung 9000 series LED/LCD

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          Okay, figured it out, after hearing a slight buzz in my audio, I assumed I was having a ground problem. As soon as I unplugged to co-ax cable from the back of my cable box the buzz and color bands went away. To solve the issue I wrapped some electrical tape around the threaded male pole on the back of my box to prevent the wire coupling from making contact. This broke the ground loop and my image is perfect now. Only problem is my cable connection is not that sturdy, but it did the trick.


          Question now is, is there an issue with insulating the coax and only having the inner core make the connection?