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    Why must TV be turned on??


      I have Dish Network.


      I purchased the IPad player for slingbox and my Ipad receives its signal direct from the Slingbox, and works just fine.


      When I try to access the Slingbox with my PC, however, I can only receivce programming if the home TV is turned on.  When I connect, I get a message like I would get at home if I turned on my TV but not my Dish receiver.


      Can anyone shed any light on why this would work differently on these two devices.   Or better yet, how to fix this issue?

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          Hi, ACC597360


          This message means that the home network connections are not properly established. Once you connect the Slingbox at home, it should not interfere with the TV set normal behavior.


          We recommend you to check the home network connections and make sure to connect the Slingbox to the Dish set top box. Just make sure to check the User's Guide in order to know how to get the right connections.


          The following link will provide you with the User's Guide in order to check the right connections to make.


          Slingbox PRO-HD User Guide