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    setting up slingbox on a 2nd laptop


      I have a slingbox solo...just purchased a 2nd laptop to watch slingbox...my question is, do I have to re-load my slingbox info into the new laptop...such as slingbox ID, version, etc.???  I tried pulling up slingbox on the new laptop, account shows up but no tv...says I have to download slingplayer, which I did, and still no picture...all i am trying to do is load slingbox on my 2nd laptop...what do I need to do?  thank you...

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          alanrichey42 Master

          In theory all you need to do is use either Slingplayer or the WebSlingPlayer at watch.slingbox.com, sign into your account and your slingbox(es) will appear as in the Directory listing.  Then select it and you are good to go.   There is no extra setting up to do (although the browser will probably require you to install the SlingPlayer plug-in)


          So what EXACTLY happens when open the page at watch.slingbox.com ?

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            Hi, isabelromero03
            If the Slingbox is working fine on your first computer, you have two options. First, go to www.slingbox.com and log in to your Sling Account. Then, you only need to click on "Watch".


            The second option is to use the SlingPlayer software on your computer. Once you finish the installation, you will launch the SlingPlayer software and log in to your Sling Account. Then, connect to your Slingbox, using the available options through Slingbox Directory.


            If you have further questions, the following links will provide you with the steps to follow.   


            All about your Sling Account


            What is Watch on Slingbox.com?


            You can also check this link if you have further questions about how to use your Slingbox SOLO.


            Slingbox SOLO