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    Video problem (probably with codec)


      Greetings. I've got 2 computers, first one works OK (sony vaio laptop with nvidia gtx 310m)

      But on the second (desktop with 865g integrated intel extreme graphics 2) colors on the video are twisted, screwed and incorrect.

      It looks like there is second layer on the video that playes same video and got 10% of transperancy, moved to right and got vivid colors.

      In video settings all 3 checkboxes are grayed out and I can't change them.

      I tried to disconnect slingbox and even logout - does not helped, settings are still unavailable.

      I've got latest WMP 12 and windows 7 32bit that are up to date. Also I've installed latest K-Lite codec pack.

      Please help me to solve this issue.

      Thank you.

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          Hi, SlingPlayer_user


          If the Slingbox and SlingPlayer (any version) work fine on the Sony Vaio computer but not on the second computer, the issue is not related to the Slingbox but the second computer. Otherwise, you would get the same behavior on both of your computers.


          With this in mind, we recommend you to check if your desktop computer is running the latest video drivers. If you do not know, I'd recommend you to contact the computer provider in order to know how to.