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    Sling box Local Network (busy)




      My slingbox has been working fine on multiple iphone devices up until on of the iphone's upgraded the app.  I was prompted to update the firmware version of my Slingbox HD PRO.  After doing so, my Slingbox's 'upside down U' just keeps flashing along with the connection light.  They are both just flashing.  All my iphones are unable to connect.  It'll just say


      I'm also having trouble connecting on IE.  It'll say Sling box Local Network (busy)


      It's been about 10 minutes since the update.  When I click on 'check for update' it says that it's the latest version.  Does it take a while for it to update?  I tried reseting and disconnecting the power supply with no luck.  I'm not able to watch from IE or my iPhone.


      Please HELP!