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    Freezing Video-   Audio keeps playing


      I know that there are other people experiencing this problem and I have read the fixes suggested. I asked my host to press the rest button, then when that didn't work I asked him to power cycle the Slingbox Pro HD and the router, I asked him if it feels warm (no), I had a friend access my account through their network (still freezing), I accessed my friend's slingbox through my network (no freezing).


      So, I have determined that there is nothing wrong with my network, and since it has been working fine for 1 year and nothing changed on the host network, I  am pretty sure I can rule that out as well. My bitrate at home is around 700-800, but when I access it at work its about 1300-1500 and still experiences the problem. It happens whether I am on Auto optimize or select something else. It happens whether I am watching Standard or High Def. It happens if I am wireless or wired.


      What has changed, you might ask?  I upgraded my firmware and now am running on 2.1.90.  


      So...SLINGBOX SUPPORT---what is the plan?  WIll you be addressing this issue? Release some new firmware that fixes this issue or make it easier to downgrade. My box is still under extended warranty and will be returned if I can't get this fixed.  I have tried everything you suggested-nothing has changed. What do I try next?

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          There is much discussion on this subject, as you have mentioned.  I have had my Pro-HD since Sep 10 and quite often have experienced the problem of intermittent video freezing with normal audio.  I have done all the recommendations: reboot, redo the setup, roll back the firmware (which fixes the freezing but then has a lot of video skipping), etc., etc.  My host called tech support and they offered the standard party line suggestions that don't work or that we've already done.


          In the past couple of months, my SB settled out and was performing very well.  However, since last week the performance has gone down the tubes.  When I try to view it (remotely at my home in Japan), it starts out like it is going to work okay, then the streaming slows way down, sometimes to zero, and it drops connection frequently.  It used to get up to 2000Kbps or so, but I have not seen those high streaming rates in awhile.  My host has continued to reboot it, which normally fixed the problems before, but it has not worked this time.


          I have ordered a new power supply (on my own dime) because that is another suggestion for a fix.  I have read there is a heat problem and some people have even found bad or bulging capacitors (requires opening the box up) in both the Pro-HD and the Solo.  My coworker's Slingbox "burned up" at his host location (which Sling replaced).  I am starting to suspect this is my problem and I want a new box.


          Sling, why have you not addressed this issue?

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            Hi jenniwiese!


            Since you are having difficulties with the streaming of the Slingbox, the issue might be caused by the connections that you are using or the settings of the Slingbox or your network.


            We strongly recommend you to check if the network meets the requirements for the Slingbox PRO-HD and if the issue persists, you might want to contact our technical support department, therefore we can perform additional troubleshooting steps and process a replacement of the unit if necessary.


            Slingbox PRO-HD system requirements for HD and SD streaming


            Contact Sling Media Support


            I hope that helps!


            Best regards.