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    Internet Settings Fine, Can watch via browser but not via iPad


      So, here's the scenario.


      Slingbox Pro-HD, newly bought today. Had a pro but wanted to watch on the iPad, so just spent £250 for the box.


      Installed OK. YES the firmware did upgrade.


      Setup internet viewing using a delicated IP address, I'm a CISCO engineer so I can manage to do that OK


      The iPad app is the latest from the app store


      The iPad connects and works fine on the local LAN


      The Slingbox works fine on a remote browser, not connected to the LAN but connected to the internet


      If I switch the WiFi off on the iPad and revert to 3G (Vodafone UK) the iPad reports it cannot locate the SlingBox.


      The iPad under 3G can access the internet. How do I know? That's how I'm posting this!


      Something is wrong here and I don't believe it's my setup..


      To summarise, I spent £250 on a new SlingBox even though the other worked fine. Then £17.95 on the iPad app and I still can't watch the SlingBox over 3G


      Any help / experiences shared would be appreciated