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    Cox Cable, Airport Extreme, LinkSys switch, SBSOLO & Daily reboot of Airport


      I am running (from wall) Cox cable modem wired to Airport Extreme wired to Linksys 5-port switch wired to iMac & to SlingBox Solo wired to Cox DVR. (Airport Wireless to various devices.) This is a secured network.


      Cox Cable ModemAirport ExtremeLinksys 5-port switchSlingBox SOLO


      Ever since I upgraded from SlingBox Classic to SlingBox SOLO my Airport Extreme has required 'rebooting' at least once a day, whether I connect to the SlingBox or not. This is the only unit requiring a restart. This has not been a problematic device in the past... only since upgrading to SOLO


      Other than losing my Airport connection (kinda important in this setup), I can view Slingbox on iPhone 4, iPad 2, MacBook, iMac within the local network, Work computers (within highly secure network) via Internet etc. It all works. (OK not 3G but I'll put that on AT&T for now since everything else works)


      BUT by the end of the day, the Airport has lost its connection again. Again, even if I do not access my Slingbox from the inside OR outside or home network from the outside that day.


      Do I need to open more ports? (currently only one, not 5001) Switch my DHCP to a different base number? (currently 172.x.x.x)


      Side note (or significant note?) One day I did run into IP conflicts within my DHCP which has never before happened within my local network.


      I unplugged the power to my slingbox this morning to see if I still have Internet when i get home tonight. If I DO, I definitely need slingbox help. If I don't then I need network settings help (at which point I will post software setting specifics, since it is something I changed when I changed from Classic to SOLO)


      I've not found other posts with this specific issue. Sorry if I simply missed it.