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      While trying to connect, I receive the following message: There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Make sure that your Slingbox is ON and connected to your network. Also check that firewall and router allow access. Do you want to retry?

      There has ben no chang in my connection in the last days and I have been watching with no problems until today.

      I thing the problem is because I think I put the recorded program on pause and closed my computor.

      Now in trying to connect the unit is on pause...

      Could that be it and how can one fix it ?

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          Hi pabeco,


          In this case, I would recommend you to provide further information about the issue that you're having, such as network layout, information about the network and power light status, if this is an issue from the Local Area Network or from a remote one, so you can receive a proper response from the fprum users.