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    Connecting / Disconnecting


      I have a Slingbox Solo. Tested fully on my home network and all working correctly.


      I am now in Spain and connecting is very much a hit and miss thing. Sometimes it connects first time and other times I get the "error can't connect to you slingbox" message. My internet bandwidth is fine at both ends, so no idea why it is so inconsistent.


      Is there any particular way I should disconnect from the slingbox, other than just closing my browser? Just in case I am leaving the box "hanging" in some way.


      Any other suggestions to solve this issue?



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          Does anyone know what problem is when the Slingbox Solo Logo light will not turn on? Power light is on, Network light is half on. I also have no access to do a hard reset either.  Just looking for some guidance.


          Not sure if I need a new power cord, which I have seen a few times in the question/answer section, and don't really want to call and pay $29.99 for them to tell me I need that.  They told me that I would still have to pay the $29.99 for the call and then the $19.99 for the new cord.  Told me only time I would get $29.99 credit would be if the item is defective and they would credit the $29.99 toward the $99.99 replacement.


          Looking for any/all help.  Just happened about a week ago, after I had been falling in/out of service for about 3 weeks and kept needing to reset.