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    Can't complete set up


      My SlingBox has been working (for the most part) for about four years and all of the sudden last week it upped and died.  When I try to connect to my SlingBox via remote viewing I get "There was a problem communicating with the SlingBox.  Try connecting again."  So I went to where the SlingBox is located and reset it which also didn't work.  So I went for broke, and tried to redo the whole SlingBox set up.  In the set up, I had success insofar as I was able to see and hear the feed in the set up window.  Everything goes smoothly until it comes to setting up remote viewing and/or just finishing the set up.  Whenever I get to this point, I simply can't complete the set up.  Whether I try to completely skip remote viewing or set it up and then try to finish the Set Up Wizard, it invariably takes a few minutes and then says connection to the SlingBox was lost.


      One reason I thought right after I left was that it might be doable if I update the software as the software I was using is somewhat old.  I'll try changing that on Friday when I'm able to try again, but I don't believe thats the problem as I've always been able to do it using this software.


      Does anyone have any ideas on why I'm having this problem?



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          Im having the same issue.


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              Hi, svoboda and stankycat


              If you are using an older SlingPlayer software version, we recommend you to download and install the latest software version, through the following link.


              SlingPlayer for Windows


              Make sure to follow this recommendation and let us know how it works for you.

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                  I'm having the same problem. My unit had been in use for a while, but we lost the password and I want to reconfigure it.


                  I began by resetting the unit.


                  Then I tried to do the configuration through the web. It stops on step 3, setting up the video source and after a minute or so wait gives me the "Connections to your SlingBox from the Internet have been disabled" error message. I have a ping running while doing this - the ping is going great until the moment I reach this video source configuration screen, at which point the device stops responding.


                  I then tried downloading the most recent SlingPlayer software. I connect to the box, which the software states is unconfigured. Again, comence pinging. The instant I get to the "Configure Video Sources" screen, where I choose "ANT IN" as my source, and would like to hit next, the device stops responding to ping. When I click "Next", even though the ping begun failing, the software allows me to get to the next screen where I'd like to configure the video source to be "Cable service (without a cable box)". I press next and  the software starts spinning its wheels, and after a minute or so the software gives up trying to connect and complains that "The connection to your SlingBox has been lost", telling me to make sure it's still connected to the network.


                  Seems to me that for some strange reason when I begin trying to configure the devices video configuration it forces the device to lose its network connection.


                  What gives?




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                      alanrichey42 Master

                      I had an identical situation a few months back.  Slingbox tuner was 'fried'.   It still works fine with the composite input though.

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                        Hi, trevorhodges


                        Most of the times, this error message (The connection to your SlingBox has been lost) is related to the security software running on your network or computer. We recommend you to run the configuration one more time and pay attention to the Slingbox network light.


                        If the issue persists, make sure to check this link in order to get some information that might help you.


                        Internet security and personal firewalls

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                            I have found this securtiy issue to be 100% untrue. I attempted connecting my slingbox hardwired to every location in my house including moving my router to where my TV is located. I tried on 4 computers in my house including removing the firewall completely from each. In each case I could get part way through the setup and connection was lost. I tried the power issue and that did not help, tried new cables and new cat 5. All were of no use. After many hours and customer care telling me to reset and unplug; which had been done many times, I finally found forums online noting this is an ongoing issue with the slingbox due to the capacitors. Unfortunate that Slingbox doesn't have a long term solution to insure these work. Received mine for Christmas in 2009, less than 1 1/2 years old and already a $200 paperweight. Sorry for your luck, but don't be suprised if it is just toast.

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                                I believe you are correct, my friend.


                                Although I'm sure that some security software does indeed interfere with network communications, I think that it's pretty obvious from my detailed description that this isn't the case.


                                Besides disabling security software and Windows Firewall, my evidence is that I'm using 'ping' as a test and that ping completely passes through perfectly up until the point where it seems that communications just seems to stop functioning from the device. Would firewall/antivirus software selectively block these packets at this specific time? No.


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