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    Problems Connecting to Slingbox Using iPhone & iPad


      I'm running the Slingbox HD on my local network.  I've gone through the setup, established a dedicated IP address and completed the Internet Viewing setup.  For a while now I have been using Slingplayer Mobile for both the iPad and iPhone without issue.  But after the latest updates, neither works any longer, either remotely or on the local network.


      I'm able to connect via a Windows 7 PC or MAC through the browser without issue.  But attempting to connect on the local network with either the iPhone or iPad app yields the following:




      "SlingPlayer cannot connect to your Slinbox.  Please make sure your device and Slinbox are connected to the internet and try again."


      Is anyone else having this issue recently?  There are only a few relevant setttings, IP address, port forwarding on the router.  Regardless, I'm only trying to connect on my local network without success.